Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Help Pozega Dogs

Help Pozega Dogs. [The Fear of Jenny]

Last evening I dined with Barry and Julie, who are very good friends of mine. I find these occasions to be a little oasis in the desert of life’s turmoil. Last night was the first time I took a companion with me and to be precise it was Jenny. If I had given the latter a little forethought I might have withheld on that twenty mile journey. To give her comfort with my friendship and loyalty I sat her in the passenger side of my van. Before I go any further I will take you back in time to the harsh realities of life.

Through no fault of her own eight years ago my wife Lorna died at the young age of forty-seven. I was devastated to learn that for fourteen years I thought I had been watching her get better to live a full life, when in fact I was watching her life ebb away from a childhood heart problem. With the help from Barry, Julie and three other trusted friends I pulled myself from the mire of despair and uncertainty. Four years later my mother that had been my rock throughout the whole of my life died, it placed more pressure on me.

I had a white long haired Alsatian called snowflake that Lorna and I bought for my four daughters one Christmas. It was my wife’s idea and her ideas were my commands. [You can see where this is leading] Well would you believe after a year that puppy had the damn nerve to grow up before their eyes, and for the next thirteen years I paid her vet fees, food and saw to her exercise? Snowflake died ten months ago of old age and I swore there would be no more dogs in my life. Barry, Julie’s husband with one of his uncanny beliefs told me “You will get another Dog.”

It was not long after Julie acquired Huxley she passed on the link to Help Pozega Dogs. There was one picture in particular that showed the despair that I knew so well in the eyes of a dog, it was Jenny. It was strange sensation seeing those eyes looking back at me. I am a great believer in fate, and destiny and the inevitable conclusion took place. Those eyes of despair are disappearing and hopefully her trust in mankind to look after her will return. She has already showed me her loyalty when at Julies, and it surprised me that she had already bonded with me in such a short time.

It was during the journey over to see Julie and Barry I could see what damage thoughtless mental cruelty had done to Jenny. For the whole of that journey I could see and sense the fear Jenny was generating. I can only believe from her reaction to the van journey that the last time she was in that position was probably the same day as she was abandoned. I will not condemn the person that did this act of cruelty, but neither will I condone them. They had their reasons for taking such a desperate measure, and I can only thank them for allowing Jenny to meet her real destiny here in the UK as my companion.

There are many Dogs that still need help of one kind or another, and we as the caretakers of the earth and its future should look after those that are unable to look after themselves. Donations are just as welcome as a real and genuine person needing to adopt.

Barry and I are from different ends of the country, but we were born on the same side of the street. We both have the same values and hates and both of us were educated in the University of Life and there is no harder form of education. While sitting mulling over a glass of wine we debated quite fierce at times religion, politics and life in general. Our conclusion was there is a god belonging to at least one religion, the only time politicians are not lying is when they have a mouth full of food, and the world is still turning on its axis relatively smooth. Now you can all go to your beds knowing that the status quo is intact.

Be well Ian.

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